What is this site about?

Here you can activate a code you purchased in any of our stores.

I declined a gift by mistake. What should I do?

Please contact us and provide your key. We will check it and send you a new one.

I bought a key for different region. Can I get a game?

Please contact us and provide your key.

I completed the activation, but didn't receive my game.

You should have received an email explaining what's wrong and what to do. If you didn't get it, please contact us.

Can Valve cancel a game I bought from you?

Their current policy allows that, but we can assure you that we get our games legally and we never had any problems.

Why I need to wait to get a game?

Our system is automated to minimize the wait time.

I bought the key while there was a discount in Steam. Now the discount is over and I cannot activate the game. What should I do?

Please read game description in our stores carefully.

Insufficient privilege

An error occurs in case you do not have a base product and you bought the DLC. To accept a gift you need to buy the base product. Be careful.

Where can I find a link to my account?

Insert this line into the browser https://steamcommunity.com/my and the resulting link is your profile link. Copy it and paste into the activation window. If something does not work, then just click on "Log in via Steam", follow the process and we can pull your profile url automatically.

Why the delivery way is so strange?

Due to Steam changes from 05.2017.

Why should I accept a friends request from an unknown account?

Due to Steam changes from 05.2017.

Activation errors ERR01

In this case, you need to contact us and we will solve this problem as soon as possible.

I couldn't find an answer to my question here.

Please contact us and we will help you.

Error - the game is not available in your region

If you see this message before activation, please check if you have VPN or Proxy enabled on your device or in your browser. For example, in new versions of Opera Browser there is a built-in VPN. Need to turn off.

Eternal download

If, after pressing the button to accept the gift, the loading ring appears and does not disappear, simply re-enter the Steam and check the library.

I bought the Wallpaper Engine and can't find the game - where is it ?!

If you bought the Wallpaper Engine and cannot find it, look in the program section of your Steam library. This is not a game, so it is not displayed in the games section.

Accidentally did not accept the friendship.

It's okay, wait 10 minutes and repeat activation again.

Activation repeats endlessly

If you are sure that you are doing everything right, but the site takes you back to the home page, it is possible that these are temporary problems in steam (it usually happens if they make any updates or their site is overloaded). But there are times when our intervention is required. For example, if the publisher has changed the game ID.